Ensemble for Jewish spiritual and

liturgic music



Or baLev is Hebrew for:

Light in the heart

rabbi Navah-Tehila



Concerts, Festivities, Religious celebrations, Workshops

This light of the heart is what the ensemble strives to express, connecting performers and listeners through the music.
Ensemble Or baLev has been established by singer/composer of Jewish liturgic music, Navah-Tehila, who wishes with her music to recreate the lost world of her Chassidic-Polish ancestors, thus building a bridge from heart to heart, across boundaries of culture and religion.

The ensemble consists of:
Voice (Navah-Tehila), accordion (Bas van Vliet), violin (Andrea Veenhuyzen) and/or piano.



Performances and activities in and out of the Netherlands are offered in diverse locations such as:
synagogues, churches, spiritual centers, private celebrations and the like.


Programs/Themes, including background information

One can choose from a variety of themes, such as: The Psalms, Song of Songs, Jerusalem, Jewish festivals, Shabbat, Rabbi Nachman, 
The Seven days of Creation and more.
It is also possible to choose for a "specially for you" created program.

The repertory is rich and broad:

  sjalom   SHALOM